weekend get away from Delhi to Kasar Devi

If you are planning a weekend get away from Delhi to Almora to get relief from your stressful and work-oriented life; the village Kasar Devi should be a must-visit spot on your go-to list.

Kasar Devi is located in the Kumaon region and is at an approximate distance of 8 km from Almora.

It is one of the top recommended places to meditate and introspect within oneself. This is so because Kasar Devi offers itself as one of the most beautiful and therapeutic places in India.

This saying about Kasar Devi’s therapeutic effect is also backed by scientific reasoning. It is believed that Kasar Devi lies in the Allen Belt, the belt which has great exposure to geomagnetic fields.

This geomagnetic field aids the presence of cosmic energy around the area. The presence of the geomagnetic field is so prominent that the village is often compared to Stonehenge in the UK and Machu Picchu in Peru.

On your hunt to Kasar Devi, you will also experience the presence of mystics, artists, philosophers, free thinkers and spiritual thinkers across the hilltop village, Kasar Devi.

This showcases the popularity this place carries within itself. Owing to this very reason, Kasar Devi is also known by other names such as Crank’s Ridge and Hippie Hill.

The village also has a temple which is known by the name Kasar Devi temple. It is a small yet very beautifully built temple that serves an escalating hilltop view.

Kasar Devi is also one of the most liked places by many famous personalities. One of them is Swami Vivekanand. He penned down his experience of meditation back in the year 1890 in one of his diaries. Another famous personality who is closely linked to Kasar Devi is Uday Shankar.

Uday Shankar was a renowned classical dancer who practised his dance regime along with his troupe, in Kasar Devi.

It is advisable that you cover the distance of 8 km from Almora to Kasar Devi by road. After visiting Almora, you will come across limited accommodations, which cater to both, low and high budgets, as per your need.

You can also spot cosy cafes and eating joints on the road which connects Binsar to Almora. While in Kasar Devi, you are suggested to spend most of your time walking across the village, bird watching, and indulging in yoga and meditation.

In order to get a real-time visual experience of the trip from Delhi to Almora, you can check out my playlist which is named ‘Almora- Uttarakhand’ on my YouTube channel Go Bro Ride.

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