Mud Village Himachal Pradesh spiti valley

The Mud village, which is more popularly known by the name of Mudh is a small, yet beautiful village which is located in the Spiti Valley at Himachal Pradesh.

It is at a distance of 50 kms from Kaza. It is present at an altitude of 3,810 m. The MUD village gets most of its scenic beauty from the famous Pin river since the village is located on the banks of this river.

The MUD village is spread across an area of 300 sq m. The village has a very lessly spread population, with the numbers being as low as 270 people per km sq.

The MUD village is situated at the base of Parbati range and is very close to the famous Pin Valley National Park, which is India’s highest cold valley national park. The village also comes across a great trekking spot, owing to it’s rough terrains.

A trek beside the MUD village and the Pin river will definitely be an adventurous experience to undergo. The MUD village is the last village in the beautiful Pin valley.

While visiting Spiti valley, you will encounter rough, dry and brown terrains. But, the Pin valley and the Mud village will act as a complete shocker for you, since it is full of lush green surroundings.

You’ll be surprised to know that the songs of the famous movie ‘Paap’, which was released back in 2002, were also shot in the MUD village.

While visiting the Mud village and the Pin valley, you can do a variety of things such as, go on the Bhaba Pass trek, Pin Parvati Pass trek, enjoy the view of Spiti and Pin river confluence, the Kungri Monastery and take a tour of the Pin valley national park.

If you are wondering about the weather in the MUD village, read ahead to get true insights about the same. The weather in the winter season is very chilling and gets down to -30 degree celsius, this temperature makes the winter season a bit odd to visit the MUD village.

However, the perfect time to visit MUD village is the summer season. This is so because the weather is very pleasant and starts getting a little warm after the month of April.

If you wish to get a real time visual of the MUD village and the Spiti Valley, you can refer to my vlog on YouTube, by the name of ‘Road to Spiti Valley on Benelli TRK 502’.