Langza Spiti Valley | Langza buddha statue

Langcha is a small village which is located in the Spiti Valley. It is at an approximate distance of 146 km from Shimla and is at an altitude of 4400 meters. Langcha is also known as Langza.

It is also referred to as the Golden Temple of Spiti Valley. It is one of the most widespread regions of the Spiti valley.

It is surrounded by cities such as Mandi, Sundarnagar, Keylong and Dharamshala. It is mainly divided into 2 parts: Langza Yongma and Langza Gongma.

These parts represent the lower and upper Langza respectively. It would be interesting to point out that the population of Langcha is only 150. If you wish to travel to Langcha, the most preferred mode of transportation would be by road as the nearest railway station and airport are at an average distance of 75 km.

While visiting Langcha, you can get indulged in a number of adventurous activities and sports, such as mountaineering and trekking to count upon a few. You can also enjoy the beautiful sight of high altitude lakes.

Another interesting fact about Langcha is that it is a hub of fossil fuels. Owing to this scientific reason, a number of scientists and geologists visit Langcha to collect further remains.

Langcha is known to have fossils of marine animals and plants. This place also comes across as a great tourist destination, since it offers ancient monasteries and certain buildings which belong to the prehistoric era.

It also has an ancient temple referred to as Lang by the indigenous people of Langcha. This temple is believed to be the headquarters of all Deities of Spiti Valley.

I have captured the mesmerizing visuals of Langcha in my vlog which is available on YouTube. You can refer to the playlist named ‘Road to Spiti Valley on Benelli TRK 502’ on my YouTube channel called Go Bro Ride. I had the pleasure of visiting Langcha on my journey from Kaza.

I have also captured the visuals of the famous Buddha statue of Langcha in my vlog. After visiting this beautiful place, I went on to discover Komic, which is the world's highest village.