Komic, world's highest village in Himachal Pradesh

Komic village is a small village which is situated in the Spiti Valley. It is situated at an altitude of 15,500 ft. The literal meaning of the word Komic is the eye of a snow cock.

The word Ko represents snow like cock, while mic represents the eye. It is greatly famous owing to the reason that it is the highest road in the world which is connected by a motorable road. It is situated at an altitude of 15,500 ft. It is also the home to the highest motorable Buddhist monastery, the Lundup Tsemo Gompa Monastery.

This Monastery is famous because of the belief that Maitreya Buddha, which is also known as the future Buddha, takes care of the residents of Komic village. The Monastery is constructed with mud walls and also gives a great visual experience because of the presence of murals, scriptures and arts of the olden days.

According to the official survey by the Government of India, the population of Komic village amounts only to 114 capita.

Komic village is surrounded by other popular tourist spots such as Langza village and Hikkim village. You can read other blogs on this page to also get a detailed insight of these two villages.

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If you are planning your next vacation to the Komic village, you have two alternative routes to reach the Komic village by road. You can reach Komic via Shimla or via Manali. The distance from Delhi to Komic village via Shimla is approximately 772 kms and the distance from Delhi to Komic village via Manali is roughly 754 kms.

If you wish to stay in the Komic village, you can find average accommodations, which are in the form of home stays, in the village itself. Spending a day in the Komic village will give you a glimpse of the local culture and heritage.

While residing there, you can even visit the ‘Spiti Organic Kitchen – World’s Highest Restaurant’ to enjoy delicious meals. However, if you are planning a day's excursion, you can reside in any of the nearby tourist spots.

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