KAZA Monastery Spiti Valley | Sakya Tangyud Monastery in Spiti Valley

Kaza is a small town which is located in the beautiful Spiti Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also spelled as Kaze, Karze and Karzey. Kaza is located along the breathtaking Spiti River. It is situated at an altitude of 3,650 m.

It is also one of the largest towns in the Spiti valley. Kaza is a town which offers a distinctive view to its visitors, through its beautiful snow covered mountains, its landscape and the Spiti river as mentioned above.

Kaza is divided into 2 parts, mainly Kaza Khas and Kaza Soma, which represents the old and new Kaza respectively. It is also referred to as the administrative hub of Spiti Valley.

Kaza also tops the list of the most commercialized places of the Spiti valley. Owing to this reason, you can explore the local market of Kaza to a great extent and reap all the benefits of your vacation budget.

I have tried to do justice to the magnificent view of Kaza through my vlog which is available on my YouTube channel, under the playlist ‘Road to Spiti Valley on Benelli TRK 502’.

I have also captured my experience of visiting the Nako Monastery, Nako lake, Gue mummy and the Tabo Monastery on my way to Kaza. Another tourist destination which you should definitely visit is the Tangyud Gompa, which is situated around 4 kms from Kaza.

While visiting Kaza, you can even explore some of its specialities, which are pure wool, carpets and shawls. Kaza is also famous for a few of the festivals which are celebrated there.

These festivals are mainly Fagli and Gochi. The journey from Tabo Monastery to Kaza was full of mesmerizing views which can not be put into words, and you must watch my vlog to get the same thrilling experience that I had, while sitting at your home.

I reached Kaza in the late evening and spent a night there. After being there for a night at this beautiful place, I went on to explore Komic, which is the highest village in Asia. While visiting Kaza, you can also explore other nearby places such as the Kye Monastery, which is 12 kms away from the town.