How to Book Helicopter for Kedarnath

In order to visit the holy shrine of Lord Shiva at Kedarnath one has to undergo a long trek of 16 km. This trek starts from Gaurikund. It is one of those treks which requires sheer dedication in order to complete it.

During this trek, one may feel that there is a lack of shelters along the route to the shrine. Adding on to it, there is only a lack of basic refreshments and shops and even some resting spots. All these factors make the trek even more tiring and difficult. In my opinion, the Kedarnath trek is one which is no cakewalk for anyone.

I am saying so since I recently had the opportunity to go on this trek and visit Lord Shiva. If you wish for a real-time experience of my journey to Kedarnath, you can check out my experience in the travel vlog which ill be posting shortly on my travel and lifestyle-related YouTube channel which is titled Go Bro Ride. The videos will be available under the customised playlist which solely focuses on my experience and journey to Kedarnath. The playlist can be found under the title Kedarnath Yatra.

Since it is not everyone’s cup of tea to walk on foot and reach the shrine, the management has also provided an option for helicopter services for people who can not do so. The ticket for this helicopter can only be booked at the official website of the helicopter service of the Uttarakhand government. In order to book the ticket, one has to first register with their user id and password on the website. Later, they can log in and track all information regarding their ticket. The website offers the helicopter service from three different points. The first is from Guptkashi to Kedarnath. It is priced at INR 7750 for a round-trip fare. Secondly, from Phata to Kedarnath which is priced at INR 4720 for a round trip fare.

Lastly, from Sersi to Kedarnath which is charged at INR 4680. The website also offers subsidiary helicopter service options such as cancel tickets, print tickets, check fare, feedback and helicopter cancellation policy. While booking these tickets, you have to specifically select the desired date and time slot in accordance with your trip. Another important point to be kept in mind is that the passengers need to have a hard copy of the ticket with themselves.

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