Gulmarg Gandola is the best place to visit in Kashmir


I was dumbfounded to see the beauty of Gulmarg Gandola, not only the serenity of the place, but the folks of Kashmir and their hospitality has played the most impactful part in my travel.

I experienced a lot in these few days on my trip and feel sad about how people miss out on such great places just out of baseless rumours shown in media and fear created by the same.

I promise once you head out with people who you know are well informed then this one inch of fear and hesitation can lead you to such beautiful sights one can only dream of.

To sum up the beauty of Kashmir I would like to just quote this heart-warming statement, “This heaven on Earth, has conjured paradisiacal images”.


Another day another pleasant start to a new journey in this gorgeous land. Got a little late to the scheduled time for the start of the day from the fatigue due to yesterday’s excursion.

Packed my bags and stuff and yet again I was thrilled and all set the new place. So, I bided farewell to Srinagar & kick-started my Benelli on to the way for Gulmarg.

The best time to visit Kashmir is between March to October with the tourist season at its peak. Gulmarg was the first spot for me on my checklist for Kashmir.

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

I checked in the borders of Gulmarg and on to my sight was a vision of a blanket of snow capping the massive mountains.

Gulmarg is known more as a winter destination for skiers nestled in the Himalayas at a height of 9000 feet and is a resort town fit for the kings.

I knew it was going to be a hell of an experience by the serene vision I just had.

Riding through the enchanting beauty of such mountains was an ever dream to me and fulfilling it finally was just overwhelming.

The sun was shining in its all glory beaming through the snow-capped mountains.

After a few hours of ride, I finally managed to reach Gulmarg and went straight to the room I booked as soon as I reached there.

I didn’t want to waste the rest of the day just from the hours dwelled in my bike ride so I went ahead for Gondola.

If you’re wondering what a Gondola is so u can refer to it as a cable car ride to the snow-capped peaks.

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

The gondola is like a ski lift that takes you to different levels; one at a height of 8500 ft. to Koondoori station and the other to the summit of Apharwat located at 13700 ft.

I decided to go only up to the first phase since it was snowing heavily and I was freezing to death at that point only.

There were many skiing activities actively been done there. I have experienced it already was once before so I didn’t want to go for it again but I must tell it’s definitely once in a lifetime kind of sport so one must try it at least.

The Gondola ride definitely treats you to some eye-popping breathless views as the snow & the mist veil and unveils in front of you.

Nestled right in the Himalayas, very close to the LOC, Gulmarg is both a winter as well as a summer destination with a perennial flow of tourists all year round.

One can easily remember Gulmarg as a pristine beauty with lush green meadows, golf courses, glaciers and slopes of snow topping the conifers that dot the hills.

So, It was impossible for me to not capture the majestic beauty it was offering to everyone’s eyes. 

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

Gulmarg Go Bro Ride

I went to a restaurant there covered in snow; there was snow dripping from the roof along with lush pine trees covering the peaks. These trees were also pretty unique of their kind.

I also took some aerial shots via a drone but no amount of pictures and videos can do justice to the surreal feeling you get to experience in this gorgeous place.

This beautiful valley is exponentially enhanced by the gorgeous creations of Mother nature.

I started feeling grateful for being on top of the mountains as if I was on top of the world, in the middle of nowhere and with snow all around me.

It was too good to be a true dream which I never wanted to come out of.

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