Enroute to the hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh: Tirthan Valley

On the very first day of our trip to the beautiful Tirthan valley, we all decided to gather and report at the Kashmiri Gate Metro station in Delhi, the national capital of our country.

We had curated a plan to meet around 7 pm since we were going to travel in the night itself and utilize our next day to explore the phenomenal Tirthan valley.

After gathering at 7 pm at the Kashmiri Gate Metro station we met our group Captain you were going to guide the entire bunch of people throughout our journey in this long weekend getaway.

Later, we departed at the desired and pre-decided time from there. We had indulged in an overnight fun journey from Delhi to Tirthan Valley.

If you wish to check out my entire experience at this long weekend getaway to Tirthan Valley, you can visit my lifestyle-related YouTube Channel that is titled ‘Go Bro Ride’.

Moreover, I have curated detailed blogs regarding this trip as well. You can check them out if you are also planning to go to Tirthan valley along with your friends or family as they would be of great help to you.

Tirthan valley is popularly known as one of the few hidden gems of Himachal Pradesh among nature lovers as it is not known to a large audience.

It is one of those places which has not been commercialized to date and this is one of the reasons that you would not find many fancy cafes and restaurants as in the case of Manali and Shimla or other famous tourist destinations.

It would be an interesting fact to mention that the undiscovered Tirthan valley gets its name from the Tirthan river which flows from the Tirth and ends by merging itself with the Beas river.

Read my subsequent blogs as well to know more about Tirthan valley and my experience in that place.

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