Dhankar Monastery in Spiti Valley | Buddhist Monastery in Spiti valley

Another one on my must-visit list on your next vacation to the Spiti Valley is the Dhankar Monastery. The Monastery is also known by other names such as the Dhangkar Gompa, Dankhar Gompa and Drangkhar Gompa.

If you are visiting the beautiful Spiti Valley, Dhankar Monastery is a place that you shouldn’t be missing owing to its geographical significance which is explained later in this blog. The Dhankar Monastery falls in between the towns of Kaza and Tabo and at a very high altitude of 3,894 meters.

It gives a glimpse of the rich Tibetan Buddhism culture to the by-passers and visitors. The monastery is also known by the name of Lha od Gompa. It gets this name from the name of its founder, Lha od.

Dhankar Monastery _ Go Bro Ride-3

Dhankar Monastery _ Go Bro Ride-3

The Dhankar region was the capital of Spiti Valley, in times dating back to the 17th century. It is located at the strategically highest point of the Spiti Valley and thus gives an exorbitant view of the whole valley and the famous Pin river.

Due to its presence at such a high altitude, it becomes the second-highest Monastery in the world, with the Ki Monastery as the highest one.

The Monastery offers a great sight of ancient murals, thankas and Buddhist scriptures to the visitors.

It also falls within the list of 100 most endangered monuments in the whole world.

This is also one of the contributors to the fact that not more than 20 people are allowed at once in the monastery and not more than 3 people are allowed on the roof of the Monastery.

Dhankar Monastery _ Go Bro Ride-1

Dhankar Monastery _ Go Bro Ride-1

Dhankar Monastery _ Go Bro Ride-2

Dhankar Monastery _ Go Bro Ride-2

One of the most prominent figures in the Monastery is the statue of Vairochana. This statue consists of four figures of Buddha, particularly in the state of meditation.

The Monastery also offers a sight of Buddhist scriptures, Medicine Buddha murals and protector deities to the visitors. You can also get a sight of Dhankar lake by going on an adventurous trek that connects the Monastery to the lake.

I have tried to curate a great visual experience of the Spiti Valley, through a series of videos in the playlist, namely ‘Road to Spiti Valley on Benelli TRK 502’ on my YouTube channel named Go Bro Ride.

You must refer to it for a real-time experience and feedback if you wish to explore the famous Spiti Valley on your next vacation.

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