Another famous tourist and religious spot is Chitai Temple while travelling to Almora

The Chitai Temple is another famous tourist and religious vacation spot to visit while travelling to Almora as a part of your weekend get-away.

The Chitai Temple is located at a distance of 9 km from the main city of Almora. The Chitai Temple is also known by another name which is the Golu Devta Chitai Temple.

The temple gets this new name since the temple is dedicated to an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and Lord Shiva is also known by other related names such as Gollu and Goljyu Devta by the locals of the surrounding areas.

Gollu Devta is believed to be the God of Justice. This incarnation of Lord Shiva is believed to be in the form of Gaur Bhairav. You will also experience an aesthetic view of copper bells which are hung in the entire premise of the temple.

This was all about the historical and religious perspective which is connected to the prestigious Chitai Temple. Now, read about the possible ways to reach the Chitai temple and the accommodations that you can find there.

After you have reached Almora, you can reach the Chitai temple by road since the temple is not too far from the main city. You can easily hire a taxi or board a bus to reach your desired destination.

However, if you are only planning to visit the Chitai temple, the nearest Railway station would be the Kathgodam railway station, and the nearest airport would be the Pantnagar Airport, which are 94 and 124 kms respectively.

Now, let us hop to the hot question of where to find a place to stay while visiting the Chitai temple. You can expect to find decent and mid- budgeted hotels and guesthouses in the adjoining area of 2 to 3 kms around the temple.

However, if you have a high budget and you wish to reside at a lavish place, you can find the same around 7 to 8 kms from the temple.

On your weekend get- away to Chitai temple, you can spend your time discovering the city, and by getting indulged in peaceful meditation and spiritual activities in the temple premises.

You can also go on a forest safari or a forest hunt of the adjoining dense forests of Mimosa and Chir. Apart from this, you can even visit the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is merely at a distance of 25 kms from the temple.

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