Best time to visit Kedarnath Temple #GoBroRide

The holy shrine of #Kedarnath is not open to #tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. Thus, it is of crucial importance that you are well aware of the #opening and #closing times of this divine #yatra so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

This year, the Kedarnath yatra started on 6 May 2022 and is going to end in the month of November 2022. The holy shrine is going to open for tourists after a long period of 6 months. The opening and closing date of the Kedarnath yatra is decided by the board of #Badrinath Krdarnath committee.

Moreover, the opening of the #Kedarnath Dham is carried out after the famous Kedarnath doli yatra programme #2022. It is often advocated that during the period of yatra, which is between May and November, the best time to visit the temple is the summer season, between the months of May to June. During this time, the temperature is moderate, neither too cold nor too warm.

The temperature usually stays between 15 to 30 degree celsius. However, during the #monsoon season, between the months of July and September, there are high chances of heavy rainfall and cloud bursts. This is why pilgrims avoid going to Kedarnath in these months. You must also be aware of the unfortunate tragedy which took place in Kedarnath in the year 2013 which is referred to as the North Indian floods.

This incident of cloud burst is reported to have taken approximately 6,000 deaths and around 5000 people are still reported missing. As far as the winter season is concerned, the temple is only open till November for pilgrims. The time between these months is usually avoided since it gets very cold and the temperature gets freezing cold. Between the months of October and #March the #temperature ranges between 0 to 20 degree celsius.

Thus, you must plan your trip between May and June to get the best experience. Recently, even I had the pleasure of going to Kedarnath and taking the holy blessings of Lord Shiva. You can check out my experience in the travel vlog which ill be posting shortly on my travel and lifestyle related YouTube channel which is titled as Go Bro Ride. The videos will be available under the customized playlist which solely focuses on my experience and journey to Kedarnath. The playlist can be found under the title Kedarnath Yatra.


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