An expedition to Gushaini and Chhoie Waterfall

After spending our last night travelling all the way from Delhi to Tirthan Valley, we managed to reach our desired destination early in the morning.

The night journey was exciting and tiring at the same time, but it is one of the things that everyone should experience once as it helps to save the travelling time but a significant bunch of amount.

After reaching our destination, we decided to check in at our homestay which was situated in Gushaini.

Gushaini is a small town which is at an approximate distance of 10 kms from the famous National Park. After checking in, we decided to freshen up and relax for a while till the afternoon to get rid of the tiredness we got from traveling last night.

Then after having our lunch at our homestay we went ahead on an adventurous short trek from our homestay itself to the Chhoie waterfall. This waterfall derives its name from the local deity of that place, Chhoi Mata.

This trek originally starts from Village Nagini but we began it from our homestay itself as mentioned before in this blog.

The total distance to the waterfall was quite precise, approximately 3 kms, but it managed to gave us a glimpse and experience of what a trek is like. You can easily spend a few hours at the Chhoie waterfall since it offers an exciting view.

It is a great place to spend quality time with your family and friends. After spending a few hours at the Chhoie waterfall, we de escalated back to our homestay via the same trekking route.

After spending the dat at this waterfall, we had a plan to have Hi-Tea at our homestay. We managed to reach back to our homestay in the evening and then refreshed ourself with a few evening snacks and tea.

Later, we thought of ending our day with a bonfire which was accompanied with soft and subtle music in the later hours of the evening . Subsequently, we had our dinner late at night and then went on to sleep.

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