A Visit to Jibhi and a journey back to Delhi | Tirthan Valley Blogs

After spending two wonderful days at the Tirthan valley, our trip was reaching its near end. However, all of us felt that the place was so mesmerizing that it left a permanent impression in our minds.

Then on the third day of our long weekend getaway, we decided to have our breakfast in the lap of nature like the day before with one of the best views that I have experienced to date.

After having our breakfast we went on to discover the local market and nearby places of Tirthan valley. Later, we went trout fishing and spent some wonderful time by the lakeside with a mesmerizing view yet again.

After that, we checked out from the homestay where we spent our last three nights and went ahead to explore Jibhi.

Jibhi is one of those places in the Tirthan valley that is untouched by urbanization but it offers mesmerizing views which are full of landscapes and waterfalls.

There are a number of tourist destinations in Jibhi such as the Jibhi waterfall, Mini Thailand, a few local cafes and the city itself to count a few.

After spending the entire day doing all the stuff that has been mentioned, we thought of leaving for Delhi in the late hours of the evening. After gathering in the evening with all our luggage, we went on board for Delhi and spent the entire journey from Jibhi to Delhi at night.

We then reached Delhi early in the morning and said goodbye to the fellow passengers who went with us. In my opinion, Tirthan valley is one of the undiscovered places of Himachal Pradesh and can even be treated as a hidden gem which is away from the fast-paced world that we live in today.

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