A fun-filled day at Serolsar Lake | Tirthan Valley

After a fun filled day at the Chhoie waterfall, we woke up after a sound sleep the next day and had made a plan to experience the Serolsar lake.

The famous Serolsar lake is one of the high altitude lakes of India that is present in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. This high altitude lake is at an approximate height of 3100 meters above sea level.

We also had a plan to visit a few other small yet wonderfall tourist destinations that you would get to know about after reading this blog further.

Moving ahead, after waking up in the morning we enjoyed the scenic beauty of Tirthan valley and had our breakfast in the lap of nature. Then we went on a drive to the Jalori Pass and the Snow Point which are a few must-visit places out of the whole lot.

Jalori Pass is a very famous hiking point which can be visited by people of all age groups. However, it is believed to be quite difficult due to its presence at an high altitude of approximately 10,300 ft above sea level.

After this, we end on another trek. This trek offered us a magnificent 360 degree view of the Great Himalayan range of mountains. Later, we extended this trek to the Serolsar lake also.

This lake has an amazing view and it is one of my few recommendations in terms of tourist places if you are also planning to visit Tirthan valley as well.

After enjoying the view there, we went back to Jalori pass via the same trekking path that we had come through. From Jalori pass, we came back to our hotels via a fun drive.

We stayed till the evening and then refreshed ourselves with a few evening snacks and tea. Later, we thought of ending our day with a bonfire which was accompanied with soft music in the later hours of the evening.

Subsequently, we had our dinner late at night and then went on to sleep. If you wish to check out my entire experience at this long weekend getaway to Tirthan Valley, you can visit my lifestyle related YouTube Channel that is titled as ‘Go Bro Ride’.

You can even find a playlist which is specifically devoted to my journey of Tirthan Valley. Moreover, I have even curated special playlists for all of my previous vacations and getaways as well.